No body denies the importance of education. The question is whyshould a student must select the field of Science? Creation is a characteristic of Almighty Allah and Science is God’s consciousness. He has given human being the power to discover the laws of nature which is ‘Science’. It makes a student an inventor. The mind of an inventor is superior to the rest of creations of Allah. Science gives birth to new ideas and then shapes it into reality after a series of experiment. Today Science has become the basis of developed nations If our country wants due respect among theother countries then science has to be learnt and invented by us.Rawalpindi College of Commerce also wants to develop the innovative nature of our countries raw resources (students) thus it offers F.Sc. Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical as a first step in life of the student of becoming an inventor. College believes that by studying F.Sc. Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical a student becomes more practical rather than imaginative. This degree opens the gates to further enhancement in all science subjects for which biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry are pre-requisites.