Today the world is leading to an Information Technology era, in which, Computer education is must. As college has been primarily associated with Commerce Education since Last 15 Years, it recognizes and understands the needs of Computer Applications in Business. It is not only at International or National level but also at individual level so that no one can deny the importance of Computer education. Unfortunately; in our country, computer is being used for chatting, browsing or for mailing purpose only. Where as in the developed world, it is used everywhere, from purchasing simple grocery to selling giant ship, from kindergarten cartoon program to PhD Research, from opening a bank account to flying an aircraft, no sphere of world or life is there without computer.Keeping the demands &uses of computer in view, Rawalpindi College of Commerce has been there in providing quality computer education to the youth of the nation. Our extended and air-conditional lab, latest P-I4I machines and latest versions of computer software’s, have made it possible for us to help our students in getting equipped with latest & most sophisticated IT tools needed for survival in the modern, competitive business world.