The Library is open for the use of students and teaching staff. No book will be issued to the outsiders except with the sanction of the Principal.Every student on joining the College can obtain books from the Librarian, and a registration card which must be filled in by the student. A card known as the borrower’s card will be issued to the applicant to draw books from the Library.Students are allowed to draw books for others on their own cards. The responsibility continues to lie with the person in whose name the card stands issued, if the Card is lost or used by any other person.Students of. B.Com may have in their possession not more than two and of I.Com not more than one book at a time.Books drawn by borrowers shall be returned not later than the period prescribed on the date slip, pasted at the end of each volume.Books of “Reference”, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, and current periodicals are not lent out.When book is required by more than one student, it is given in turn, preference being given to those who have not had it before.A minimum fine of Rs. 1 per book for each day or part of the day will be imposed respectively in case books of 14 days, 7 days and overnight are kept over due.